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Mosi-oa-Tunya is the main city of the Tswana people, but the entire Kingdom has small tribal villages scattered around, often in remote areas. Mosi-oa-Tunya is also the location of a vast gold mining center that supplies much of the wealth of the Kingdom.


from Empire of Ivory

Laurence inadvertently trespassed on the Tswana Kingdom when he and his party was out of mushroom hunting for the cure to the Dragon Plague. By bringing dragons into the Kingdom's territory, the Tswana took it as an issue of Challenge.

Then when the British found the cave where the mushrooms were growing and harvested great quantities of them, it was considered theft of the Tswana medicines. The dragons had already left to take the harvested mushrooms to a ship to be sent back to Britain when the Tswana dragons arrived to confront them. The entire group of British humans were captured and taken to Mosi-oa-Tunya‏‎.

When Temeraire and the other dragons arrived back at the cave and discovered all of their captains and crews missing, some of them started a search across the continent until they found them.

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from Crucible of Gold

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Careful coaxing and ritual are necessary, besides a suitable housing, to induce an ancestral spirit to take up residence again in material form; the article of faith is to believe, once this has been achieved, that the dragon is certainly the human reborn, a belief much harder to dislodge, by its being firmly held not only by the men but the dragons, and of so much practical importance within the tribe.

–Sipho, [1]

Their belief that the spirit of their ancestor is reborn in the next Dragon hatching, is reinforced by the recounting of the ancestor's life to the egg, prior to the hatching.

The dragon-ancestors is a practical belief for small tribes that are often isolated from each other. By making a dragon into a revered ancestor of a notable person of the tribe it ensure that the dragon will look on the village with their possessiveness and become a necessary source of labor and military power as well as a repositories of tribal history and legend.

Deviations From History

  • Mosi-oa-Tunya has never been inhabited and is now a national park known also as Victoria Falls


  1. The Tswana Kingdom; A BRIEF HISTORY By Sipho Tsuluka Dlamini [1838] - Novik, Naomi. Empire of Ivory